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Such a beautiful office, so easy on the eyes!!! Love the staff. The receptionists are very friendly.
Jennifer R.
Thank you for taking care of my teeth. Jackie does such a good job cleaning. Can’t wait for my next appointment.
Susan T.

My 8-year-old normally fears dental appointments and she LOVES this place. Thank you, Alkass Dental, for your hospitality.  TOY CHEST FOR KIDS IS A PLUS ;]
Melinda A.

Friendly. Doctor listens to needs and helps accordingly. Very satisfied. 5 stars.
Jacob A.

Was a pain free experience and friendly environment 
John K.

Cathy is so friendly and nice. She did great job cleaning and took her time. I love when my cleanings feel good.  Karen H
Karen H.
Love this little gem of Waterford. This office is so clean and beautiful. I love the atmosphere and most of all, the sweet staff that fit me in right away! Thank you!
Brittany C.

Dr. Alkass is very gentle and honest in his opinions!! I love this office. Thank you Alkass Dental:)
Kelly J.

Tiffany made my experience a lot less painful by keeping me distracted. Don’t hesitate!!
Joslin C.
Front reception was so sweet and helpful. Best dentist office in Waterford. We love Dr. Alkass. 
Jenna H.

I never wait long for my appointment and the office is so comforting. I look forward to my future appointments. 
Michael S.
Timely and punctual place. My cleanings are great and my kids love this place.
Mark B.
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